Hospitality WiFi


Ubiquiti UniFi

NMD Technology Services has been installing and maintaining Ubiquiti UniFi enterprise grade wifi systems in the hospitality and office areas. There has never been a more robust, scalable, upgradable, adaptable wireless network solution, and at a great price. Below are the key features of the UniFi wireless system.

Scale an end-to-end system of network devices across multiple locations within one unified interface.


UniFi®AP, is scalable, feature-rich hardware and software platforms that deliver enterprise performance at a fraction of the cost — allowing you to expand your enterprise network with hundreds of indoor & outdoor devices across multiple locations. UniFi®is the revolutionary Wi-Fi system that combines Enterprise performance, unlimited scalability, a central management controller and great pricing.


Manage Your Networks from a Single Control Plane

The UniFi®Controller can be accessed through any device using a web browser. NMD Technology Services can host your controller in the cloud or build a controller server to reside on-site.

Intuitive and Robust Configuration, Control and Monitoring

The UniFi®Controller enables the administrator to instantly provision and configure thousands of UniFi APs, allowing for quick, simple management of system traffic.

Remote Firmware Upgrade

Save time and effort by remotely upgrading device firmware.

Users and Guests

Keep track and control access of specific users and guests connected to your network(s).

Guest Portal/Hotspot Support

Easy customization and advanced options for Guest Portals include authentication, Hotspot setup options and the ability to run as an external portal server. Take advantage of UniFi’s rate limiting for your Guest Portal and Hotspot package offerings. Apply different bandwidth rates (download/upload), limit total data usage and limit duration of use — all with billing integration and voucher-based authentication.

Amazing Long-Range Links

The UniFi®AP-LR offers a longer range – up to 183 m – than the base model UniFi AP or UniFi AP-PRO.

Sleek Industrial Design – Simultaneous Dual-Band Wi-Fi

Featuring a clean industrial design, the UniFi®AP can be integrated seamlessly into any wall or ceiling surface (mounting kits included). The LED indicator simplifies deployment and configuration.